Snow Day Thoughts


I say “Snow Day” but what I mean is “Ice Day”. Northerners laugh because when in snows in South Louisiana, just an inch, everything shuts down. Meanwhile they have x amount of feet of snowfall and school is still open. In Louisiana, the air is so humid that even when there is very little snowfall, the roads ice over. Louisianians don’t know how to drive on ice! It is NOT supposed to be this cold here!! Our tires are made differently, our stores don’t even sell winter clothing because WE USUALLY DON’T EVEN HAVE WINTER🤣! We have Spring for like two weeks between March and April, Summer until September-October, and fall until March 😅. It usually never gets below 20 degrees Fahrenheit here.

Really, though, there’s ice everywhere. Icicles. You know how old I was when I saw an icicle in person for the first time? Like 13. Maybe even older. 🤷‍♀️

My computer updated and now I have emoji’s on my laptop! 🙌 It’s the little things.

I’m logging off. This blog post was absolutely pointless haha.

Much love ❤

Update: Local news just reported these are the coldest temperatures for South Louisiana since ’77! 41 years since it’s been this cold! That’s my life times two! Goodness.

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