Whoa… It’s Been a While

Hello friends!

I wish I could tell you that. I come with good news.

As of June 7th, my tumor is 6mm larger. It is now 11mm.

But that’s not all.

About four weeks after starting chemotherapy, I noticed my lung capacity shrinking. I would sing song that I am very familiar with, and couldn’t hold out notes like I used to.

I didn’t really think much of it at the time. Over the next couple of months, it got worse and then on Monday (June 25) I had to be hospitalized because I could barely breathe.

After many tests, I was diagnosed with COPD. COPD stands for Chronic Oppressive Pulmonary Disorder.

COPD is a lung disease that makes it difficult to breathe.

The smallest exertion of energy makes it very difficult for me to breathe. With it being summer in Louisiana (very hot and humid), if I step outside without my oxygen on, my lungs begin to fees heavy and not only is it hard, but it hurts to breathe.

I will be on oxygen for the rest of my life.

Unfortunately, this will likely disqualify me in the study I have been in to fight off brain cancer. What does this mean?

This means I am going to live my life.

This means that I am going to move forward not with my head down, but with my head held high praising the Lord.

I will be thankful for every breath I take.

I will continue to sing my heart out, because I find true happiness in song.

I will continue to smile and enjoy every moment.

I will love harder, laugh harder, and live each day to the fullest extent possible.

Thank you guys so much for the countless thoughts and prayers.

Much love, and much faith ♥️🙏🏻

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