Just an Update on my Life

Hey y’all!

I apologize for not posting for so long. I’m grateful to and appreciate all of my readers!!

In April of this year, after my second relapse I started a new chemo trial. I had to remove myself from the trial around the end of June, beginning of July, because one of the chemos, gemcitabine, gave me 2 types of lung disease. This side effect only happens i less thqan 5% of patients (I’m rolling my eyes hard at that). I started out on oxygen 24/7. Slowly, I began to not need the oxyen as much. Finally I am heathly enough to only use the oxygen “as needed”. I am happy to say that most of the time, I do not need it at all!

I am very excited to announce that I have a boyfriend now! His name is Colden. We’ve only been together a few weeks, but I already see that he’s a dream. He opens doors for me and kisses my forehead, and tells me I’m beautiful every day. He is really a great guy. my parents like him and his parents like me! He is also a man of God. Listening to him speak of God, you can see His light pouringout of Colden! Please wish us well.

Next week, Mom and I will travel to Arkansas to see a fellow St. Jude child. She is not doing well at all. Her name is Izzy. When we leave from Arkansas, we are going to go to St. Jude. I have a few different appointments. Most importantly, I GET NEW HEARING AIDS!! Unfortunately, my hearing has gitten much worse since the last time I was tested and the hearing aids i have are no longer powerful enough to meets my needs. All will be fixed the first week of January. While we are in Memphis, we are going to see another friend that is not doing very well. His name is Ziggy.

Please pray for both Izzy and Ziggy.

Sometime in January I am getting new flooring put in my room! I am very VERY excited and I can’t wait. This will give me the oppertunity to declutter and keep my room cleaner!

Alright, I’m going to stop rambling now. Thank you for reading!!

Much Love!,


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